30 Days Raw – Day #5

Day #5 of Raw for 30 Days.

Feeling great.

Day #1 – I was hungry.

Day #2 – I was crazy hungry.

By day #3 my appetite started to calm down and by day #4 my appetite was probably about 1/3 of what it normally is.

Today on day #5 I am feeling great. This raw food is nourishing me so well, my skin is soft, and my appetite has decreased to about 1/4 of what I was eating before. It’s amazing when you eat nutrient rich food how much less it takes to be satisfied. I am also sleeping great and waking up early and so very refreshed.

All this by comparison to my regular daily diet which would be considered by most to be an extremely healthy diet. Yaaaay, raw foods!!!

Check out this video to see what’s cooking – or should I say – NOT cooking at our house.


I also made these delicious Coconut Cream & Fruit Parfaits and put them in the fridge to have for breakfast.







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