Hi, I’m Holly Smith. This is a picture of me with my husband Jim. We are the creators of this site and founders of “Today’s Abundant Living”

We strongly believe that our bodies are magnificently created, and designed to be well. We also believe that we are meant to live with purpose and enjoy an abundant life of wellness, peace, and joy. It is our great passion and desire to help guide and coach as many people as would take this journey with us to live well and to take hold of their Abundant Life! Our sincere hope would be to assist others in taking hold of a life of wellness; and that in turn they would reach out to those around them, and that together we would empower an ever growing community of well-being, and vibrant living!

I am a Certified Practitioner in Health and Healing as well as a breast cancer survivor.  At Today’s Abundant Living we teach people through classes, personal coaching and continual content at our site, in social media and through our monthly newsletter. As our T.A.L. community has expanded we are working to bring more and more of our classes to you via internet as well as continuing with local classes and coaching. We are currently working on an on-line version of Conscious Eating, our core class series. And Today’s Complete Wellness System became available in an on-line version in early 2015. For Jim and I our lifestyle and T.A.L. are truly one. It is our joy to walk together in wellness with all of you, our T.A.L. community.

Jim has three wonderful children (well they are actually grown adults now) which means I have been blessed with three terrific “bonus” children, Ryan, Jason, and Dayna. We have a lovely daughter-in-law Samantha, and two handsome grandsons: Van Preston James, and Jed Joseph Ronald. We will also soon have a wonderful son-in-law, Todd. We love them all like crazy!!

Samantha, Ryan Jed & Van

Samantha, Ryan
Jed & Van



Dayna and her fiance Todd

Dayna and her fiance Todd








We were also blessed in 2013 and 2014 to foster a sweet little boy named Ethan. He has since been adopted with his siblings. We remain in his life and very close to him, his siblings and his new family. They are like grandchildren to us – so I would say we also have three “bonus” grandchildren.

Ethan, Brian and Emily

Ethan, Brian and Emily


Our hope through “Today’s Abundant Living” has been to create a site and a community that will provide information and resources that will help others move toward a place of truly abundant living in all areas of life, with a focus toward a whole and living foods life style.

We believe that part of living an Abundant Life is giving back. We strive to give generously of our time, talents, gifts and finances. 20% of all proceeds from Today’s Abundant Living go to support charitable organizations which include:

Fredrick Kwadwo Assumaning

Fredrick Kwadwo Assumaning

Life Challenge, a one-year residential program for men and women with drug, alcohol, and other life-controlling addictions.

Compassion International through which we currently sponsor Fredrick Kwadwo Assumaning who lives in Ghana Africa 

Patrick Higgins missionary in China

Macomb Christian Church


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We do not bombard you with emails and will never ever share your information.

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How we built this business

Turning a passion into a business so we would never have to W-O-R-K another day in our life.

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