Good-Better-Best: Making Good Choices


As mentioned in the Praxis Post, GOOD–BETTER–BEST: Making the Transition, learning to eat well, and living a healthful life is not about finding a perfect food or the perfect diet.  It’s about learning, creating new habits and making good choices that lead to a lifetime habit of good health!


Following are examples of choices,

starting from unhealthy and moving toward better, healthier choices. 

Remember, better and best do not mean perfect:


Choice #1:

White bread purchased from a grocery store

Slightly better: White bread, baked at home with organic ingredients and no preservatives or additives. (However, don’t forget, white flour is a poor choice)

Good: Organic, whole grain bread purchased at the grocery store (don’t be fooled by labels that say wheat.  The label must say “whole” wheat or “whole” grain)

BetterWhole grain bead that you bake yourself using quality whole grains and ingredients, with no preservatives or additives.  Yummy!!

BetterDehydrated bread made using raw and living ingredients and dehydrated at approximately 105°, preserving the living enzymes.

Best: Have a sandwich wrapped in a big collard leaf.

Remember: Always try to use organic ingredients when available!


Choice #2:

Refined, Processed, Sugary, Salty, or Greasy Evening Snacks


Good: Air popped popcorn with a little high quality olive oil and sea salt

Better: Air popped non GMO Amish or organic popcorn, with a little high quality olive oil and a sprinkle of brewer’s yeast

Better: Coconut-Carob Haystacks from Matt Amsden’s RAWvolution Gormet Living Cuisine.  These are fabulous!

Better: Frozen fruit “ice cream”  It’s super simple and very delish!!

Best: Try a piece of good quality, organic, ripe fruit.  Remember how truly delightful and satisfying it can be.

Choice #3:

A Big Plate of Pasta with Tomato Sauce and garlic bread

Good: Add a salad with a fresh vinegar and oil dressing

Better: Use whole grain pasta and whole grain bread and make home made salad dressing

Better: Have a huge organic salad with home made dressing, a little whole grain pasta and a small piece of whole grain garlic bread.

Best: Make a raw pasta dish using zucchini and a spiral cutter.  Cover it with a raw sauce.  Eat it up and enjoy! You will find several raw sauce recipes in Matt Amsden’s RAWvolution.  You can also search on line for recipes, and I will be sharing some of my own sauce recipes with you in future posts.

Make a better choice today and move forward toward vibrant health and your abundant life!  :)

See you next time, here, at Today’s Abundant Living!

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