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This way of eating can have a lot of different definitions, and is called by a variety of names, so a single definition will not provide a complete answer to the question:

“What is a living foods lifestyle?”

I will start with a basic definition and then we will examine the details from there.

In basic terms:A living foods lifestyle includes a diet of fresh living foods, naturally grown, wild, organic, and sustainably grown, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains that are as fresh as possible, and are not processed, cooked, or altered in any way that would kill the living enzymes in the food. A living foods lifestyle does not include meat or poultry of any kind, fish or seafood, dairy, eggs, packaged, canned, or frozen foods that have been processed, cooked grains or beans, “store bought” (pasteurized) juices, coffee, soda, caffeine tea, sugar, alcohol, vinegar (except apple cider), tobacco, drugs, artificial sweeteners, commercially prepared condiments, chemicals, or preservatives.

Okay, so don’t be intimidated. Whether you want to adopt a 100% raw, living foods diet or just want to incorporate a few living foods recipes into your life, you are welcome and will enjoy the “Today’s Abundant Living” community and website.


Living foods are raw foods, but not all raw foods are living foods. For example, sushi is raw, however, it is not a living food.


For this reason, I prefer to call this way of life “A Living Foods Lifestyle” rather than a “Raw Diet” However, because most people call it a raw diet, you will hear me interchange these two terms.

As I have shared in other places on this site, my personal goal is to move to a place where my diet consists of 80%-85% Living and Raw Foods, with the remaining 15%-20% being comprised of mostly Whole and Healthful Foods, snacks and deserts.

If you have not done so already, I recommend reading the post What Are Whole Foods?

Although I have attempted to define Raw and Living Foods in this post, and Whole Foods in the What Are Whole Foods? post, there simply is no exact definition of either.

Here’s a BIG Tip:
The important thing is not to name or define how we eat, but to improve our diet to a level that will support vibrant health and an abundant life!!

Your goal may be different from mine, but my hope is that every day you will be moving in the direction of vibrant health.

I look forward to taking this journey together.

Following are quotes from “Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen”
Author: Ani Phyo
~I call unheated fresh foods “living foods.”

~Living foods are full of enzyme activity. Enzymes help you digest food and are the catalysts for every metabolic reaction in your body. Without these enzymes, there can be no cell division, energy production, or brain activity.

~Living foods give life. Put an orange or avocado into the earth, and a tree or plant will grow from it. Many health experts believe living and raw foods are the key to good health and longevity.

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