Avocado & Sunflower Seed Facial


You will need:

1/2 avocado

a small handful of sunflower seeds

fresh lemon juice

2 cucumber slices

A little time and space to chill out and relax

Here’s how you do it: Put the avocado and the sunflower seeds through an auger style juicer using the homogenizing screen, or simply blend in your food processor until the sunflower seeds are broken up and the avocado is smooth. Wipe lemon juice onto your face using a soft cloth, then put avocado mixture on. Place cucumbers on your eyes and lay back and relax. This may look a bit funny, but it sure is great for your skin and very relaxing for your soul. I like to play some soft soothing music when I treat myself to this facial.

For dryer skin add a bit of honey to your mixture and skip the lemon juice step. So soothing and wonderful!

  • Avocado – The oil in avocados helps to clean and nourish your skin while adding moisture. Wonderfully good!
  • Sunflower Seeds – are loaded with vitamins and minerals. One in particular which is fabulous for your face is vitamin E.
  • Lemon juice – will act as an astringent, cleaning pores and resurfacing the skin.
  • Honey – Has antibacterial properties which can help reduce acne, it helps cleanse your pores, it is a terrific moisturizer, and can help protect your skin from sun damage
  • Cucumber – helps reduce puffiness and dark circles under eyes

Add strawberries for a Stimulating Mask – Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which perks up tired skin, giving it a fresh healthy look The natural fruit enzymes in strawberries  gently refresh and exfoliate the skin producing a radiant complexion. The sulfur in strawberries has cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties that help to remove impurities from the skin’s surface and reduce redness ans swelling.

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