Cleansing & Detoxing – Part 5

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Tips and Tricks for Cleansing & Detoxing

You want to do a detoxifying cleanse but you just do not have the time to do the shopping and prep right now:groceries

Solution – Let someone else do it for you. Find a place locally that makes Green Smoothies or fresh juice and purchase enough for 3 days.

Everyone always asks me….”Is it okay to purchase 3 days ahead? Isn’t fresh better?”

Yes, fresh is best. However, a Green Smoothie or fresh juice will last for 72 hours and still maintain most of its nutritional value. The very best would be if you grow your own, pick it fresh and immediately consume it. However, this just is not the reality for most of us. So go ahead and purchase 3 days’ worth, relax and bless your body with a great cleansing that will make you feel fabulous.

There are a couple places local to me that I recommend.

The Little Mustard Seed Cafe and Shoppe  in downtown New Baltimore (Michigan) makes a delicious and nutritious smoothie called the Green Monster. If you live in the area give it a try. You will love it.

Drought Juice has two locations, one in Plymouth Michigan and one in Detroit Michigan. They produce fresh, organic, cold pressed juice that is raw and never pasteurized or preserved.  You can pick up or they even ship nationally. Remember, this is fresh juice that will only last a few days. This is not “bottled” juice.

*You always want to use fresh, organic smoothies and juices. Never ever use packaged, pasteurized and preserved juices or smoothies.

Check to see what is available in your area.

You want to do a detoxifying cleanse but your schedule tends to be busy all the time:

TimeSolution – Don’t let that stop you. Busy schedules seem to be the norm for most people today. Get everything you need in the house and then pull out your juicer or high speed blender and make up enough fresh juice or smoothie to last for your entire cleanse. A three day supply will last in your refrigerator. I like to store mine in Quadro jars because they fit nicely on the door of my fridge. If you will need more than a 3 day supply place your fresh juice or smoothie into individual freezer containers or bags and store in the freezer.  Take one out the night before and thaw in your refrigerator. Never ever place your fresh smoothie or juice in the microwave to thaw as this will kill most of the nutrients.

I plan 2 Food Prep days per month into my calendar in which I prepare most of my food for the month. I would prepare and freeze my juice or smoothies on one of these days and be ready to go.

Luminarc Quadro 2-Liter Glass Pitcher with Lid

Now you may ask…..”Won’t freezing take away the nutritional value of my juice or smoothies?”

My answer is similar to my answer above: Yes, fresh is best. However, most of the nutritional value of your Green Smoothie or fresh juice will be preserved in freezing. The very best would be if you grow your own, pick it fresh and immediately consume it. However, this just is not the reality for most of us. So go ahead and make your juice or smoothies ahead of time, freeze it in individual servings, relax and bless your body with a great cleansing that will make you feel fabulous.

I want to do a detoxifying cleanse however I do not own a juicer or a high speed blender:

frineds in kitchenNo Problem. Either purchase your smoothies or juice to do your cleanse as mentioned above or find a friend who has a juicer or high speed blender. See if you can barrow the juicer or blender or ask if you can bring all your produce to your friend’s home and make up enough fresh juice or smoothie to complete your cleanse and refrigerate up to 72 hours or freeze as described above. Encourage your friend to join you in your detoxifying cleanse, make up everything you need together in one day and have fun getting fabulous together.

If you are not sure who has a high speed blender or juicer try asking your friends on Facebook or other social media. You may be surprised what you find out. Maybe you will even encourage a buddy to dust off their juicer or blender and get back to using it and living a vibrant healthy life.

Have fun. Be creative. And Be Well.

Holly color brightenedI strive for balance. I value a schedule that is not harried and hurried. However, life is life and I have learned to live a healthy lifestyle in the midst of everyday life no matter what that may look like at any given moment.

At the time I am writing this I find myself in a very busy place in my life. My husband and I are fostering a sweet, wonderful, very high needs little boy right now. My Dad has had three heart attacks in the past nine months, open heart surgery 2 months ago, and has been in and out of the hospital in between. We are searching for a new home for my parents in the midst of all this and working to get them packed up to move. I run a business and a home. I am a wife. I am a grandma. I am actively involved with my church. I am also a cancer survivor, a healthy, thriving cancer survivor.  I wear many hats, as most of you do. I have learned to be efficient and I prioritize the health of myself and my family to make it happen. This is important. Our little foster guy, at 8 years of age, had never had a formed bowel movement before he came to live with us 11 months ago. He was a very sick little boy. He had to have bowel irrigations through a stoma in his side two times each day just to keep his bowels functioning. Today, he no longer needs those irrigations and he has regular formed bowel movements. I believe this sweet little guy was divinely placed in our home because we make health a priority and our Lord knew that he would experience wellness and healing in our home.

Don’t wait for life to slow down. An Abundant Life is a life of wellness. Make your health and the health of your family a priority.


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