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Cleansing & Detoxing – Part 1


Detoxing for Better Health and More Energy

A detoxifying cleanse is, for your body, what a good spring cleaning is for your house. Unlike our homes, our bodies are actually self-cleaning. Every day, all day long your body is working to clean up and clean out the waste and toxins that accumulate in it. It is able to do a more effective and efficient job when we give it what it needs through cleansing and nourishment.

Where does this waste come from?

Much of the waste that our bodies need to clean up and dispose of is just a result of the natural regeneration of our bodies; the die-off of old cells as new cells are produced. Some of the waste is the unusable part of our food that is not needed or the by-product of natural metabolic processes which take place to keep our bodies running. Our body also does a great job of defending us from contagious viruses and infections. Our immune system attacks, kills and then must dispose of these various viruses and bacterium. Among all the waste our bodies must dispose of is a growing amount of toxins, from our environment, the products we use on our bodies and the foods we eat. Our bodies are amazingly self-cleaning but they can only be expected to clean up so much before they are overloaded with a toxic load that is just too much to handle, especially when we are not consuming the quality nutrition it takes for our bodies to function well. Eventually there is a breakdown and we call it disease.

The primary cause of most of the degenerative diseases experienced in developed and developing countries today is a result of deficiency and toxicity.

Not enough of what we need!

Too much of what we don’t need!

sick earthOur bodies are created marvelously and amazingly to rid themselves of toxins and waste and be well and healthy. However, with the ever increasing loads and toxic demands that we are placing on our bodies today coupled with the ever decreasing nutrition in our diets our bodies are being taxed to the limit and we are seeing a breakdown in wellness and a surge in DIS-EASE. We don’t suffer so much in the developed and developing countries with contagious outbreaks and plagues. Rather we are suffering and dying from degenerative diseases. This simply means that our current lifestyles are creating most of our sickness.

“A romanticized past envisions doctors risking their lives by working all hours to save a community from smallpox. Today, the vision has deteriorated into business-minded physicians taking care of patients with self-inflicted illnesses who live self-destructive lives, who expect to get well and who threaten to sue if they don’t”

~Richard A. Swenson, Md, from his book MARGIN.

So what do we do?

We often want to blame those who regulate our food supply, or the doctors who didn’t tell us, or parents and teachers who didn’t teach us. Some of us feel guilt and blame ourselves for poor health. I guess we can spend time pointing blame or we can take control and regain our health.jump for fitness To do this we will need to keep ourselves well by keeping our bodies clean and well nourished. Then teach those around us how to do the same. We can learn, implement, be well and seek to promote change at many levels and in many ways. But it all starts with our own personal wellness. So let’s start with the getting well part. A great way to clean your body up and help it to do the magnificent job it is created to do is to occasionally do a detoxifying cleanse. This will help clean up your body while at the same time nourishing it. This is a terrific combination.

Let’s Do It!

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