Connecting With Community at T.A.L.

At Today’s Abundant Living (T.A.L.) I strive to give you tons of information to help you live your most amazing life of Wellness.

I also like to help people connect with one another.

There is just nothing like a community of like-minded people sharing together, encouraging and supporting each other.

You can all be a wealth of information and support for one another.

There are several ways you can connect with me and with each other here at T.A.L.

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You can always reach me via email at

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Sign up on the right side of this page to “Stay in the Know” – I will send you periodic emails and news letters with information on the latest news, as well as up coming classes and events here at Today’s Abundant Living!

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Subscribe to Follow My Blog. This is where you will really begin to connect and interact with me and with others in the T.A.L. Community. My blog is where I post more regularly the ups and downs of staying on track, hints to help you be your healthiest best,  my latest recipes, contests and so much more. It is where I share how I live this life day-by-day. Not just the recipes or the videos, or the articles that tell you how to live a healthy life, but the real how-to stuff. On my Blog you can comment and share with others, supporting, encouraging and informing each other. My blog is the place if you want to really interact!

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Follow along on my T.A.L. Facebook Page. The interchange is not as in-depth as at my blog but it is fun and informative and there are some great people that chime in and share on my FB page. Its a lot of fun!

Attend a Local Class:

We offer great classes at various locations to bring you information and teach you how to live a life of wellness. This is a great place to learn and to meet with us and others, to ask questions and to connect.

Check out our current class schedule

Movie Night with the Smiths:

Periodically we show health related movies at our home. This is a very laid back time. We chill out together and share some great healthy snacks and some even better conversation. Space is limited so these are small gatherings and they are a wonderful way to connect. If you haven’t joined us for movie night and you are looking for a fun way to connect make sure to check out our upcoming events.

Join us for an upcoming Movie Night



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"I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." ~Jesus

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