Conscious Eating

Class 3 – Homework & Resources

The Amazing You: Understanding Your Body


Conscious Eating is a 5 class series designed to unravel the mystery of healthy eating and equip you with a working knowledge of the foods you eat and the body they fuel.

Class 3 – Homework:

1. Click here and watch all 4 videos from “Healthy Whole Food Meals are Quick, Easy and Delicious with Vitamix!”

2. Visit Dr. Andrew Weil’s Vitamin Adviser and create your FREE Vitamin Recommendation. Print a copy and place it in the “Notes” section of your Class Binder

FREE Vitamin Recommendation from Dr. Weil

3. Purchase a digestive enzyme and begin taking it with every meal. See below for 2 different digestive enzymes that we like.

4. Click THIS LINK and click on the 3 buttons in the middle of the page (see them pictured below with a red circle around each). Read the Body Balancing articles and watch the video, Read the pH & ion Balance article, and download the FREE Acid Alkaline Food Chart.

5. Complete and bring with you to Class 4 – Print this Class 3 Quiz/Review, complete it (open book) and bring it with you to class 4 for review.

Extra Learning assignment: If you would like to learn more about which enzymes work on the different substrates read this Wikipedia article


We love this digestive enzyme. It is high quality at a great price. This is the enzyme we take.

 Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes, 500mg, 360 Capsules

This is an exceptional, high quality probiotic:
Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra Ultimate Probiotics Formula, 90 VCaps

This is a terrific book on the topic of an Acid/Alkaline Diet

pHion is the category leader when it pertains to pH balancing of the body.

These are the pH test strips we use to monitor our pH level
pHion is the category leader when it pertains to pH balancing of the body.

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