Conscious Eating

Class 4 – Homework & Resources

Your Tool Box: The Nuts & Bolts to Live a Life of Wellness

Conscious Eating is a 5 class series designed to unravel the mystery of healthy eating and equip you with a working knowledge of the foods you eat and the body they fuel.

Class 4 – Homework

1. Decide whether you will eat “probiotic” foods or take a probiotic supplement. If you plan to take a supplement, purchase one this week. Check out the recommended probiotic in the Tools For Success box below.

2. Complete homework in your class binder: Preparing for Success, Where to Start, Road map to Wellness

3. Print this Class 3 Quiz/Review, complete it (open book) and bring it with you to class 4 for review.

4. It’s Praxis time! Complete one of the following exercises. Have fun!

Prepare a “Raw” recipe from the “Recipe” section of this site and be prepared to share about your experience. Were the ingredients easy to find? Was the recipe easy to prepare? Did you enjoy the recipe? Did your family enjoy the recipe? Etc.


Take the Good ~ Better ~ Best Scavenger Hunt – Print it out here and follow the instructions.


Here are some Terrific Tools to add to your Tool Box:

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