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Conscious Eating

Do you feel overwhelmed by the mounds of changing and often conflicting information about eating healthy? You’d like to eat healthy! You’d like to serve healthy food to your family! …..But where do you start and who has the time?

Learn practical techniques to live a life of wellness in the real world


Conscious Eating is an intense course taught in a series of classes designed to unravel the mystery of healthy eating and equip you with a working knowledge of the foods you eat and the body they fuel. This class series is a prerequisite for many of our other classes.



 In this class series we will start right where you are now and help you clean up what you are already eating while empowering you with the knowledge and tools to begin the journey of taking hold of your own health and well being through the foods you eat. 






We will:

  • Unravel the food mystery and empower you to take hold of your health and well being through a comprehensive understanding of the foods you eat.
  • Develop a solid working knowledge of the food/body connection and an understanding of how food is used as fuel by the body creating an environment of wellness.
  • Build a foundation of tools that will lead to a lifetime of wellness
  • Learn practical techniques to live a life of wellness in the real world
  • Help you prepare your personalized wellness plan

Topics covered in this class series include:

Natural foods
Wheat and Gluten
Meat and Veggies
Grass Raised meats
Living Foods
Raw Foods

Deficiency and Toxicity
Unload and Rebuild
Disease vs. Wellness
The difference between disease and symptoms
The nature of disease
Understanding food as fuel

Food: the good, the bad and the ugly
Operating at peak performance
Fermented Foods
Wheat grass
Colon Health
Expect Results

We are in the process of completely revising our Conscious Eating course. This will be a lengthy project but it will be well worth the wait. We plan to bring Conscious Eating back sometime in January 2016. It will be completely revised to be better than ever AND it will be available on-line. This is something many of you have been requesting. We do our best to listen to you and then bring you the things that will best meet the needs of you our Today’s Abundant Living community. 

Be Blessed, Be Well

Live Vibrantly


Take Hold of Your Abundant Life!







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