Fall 2015 Contest – Tea with Friends

Win a FREE Dessert Tasting & Demonstration

For you and your friends

Join me at my home for a lovely evening or afternoon tea during the month of Noveber. You and your friends will be pampered as you relax, sip some tea and enjoy a dessert tasting featuring healthy, delicious desserts all while I demonstrate for you how to prepare wonderful, healthy treats for you and your family and friends just in time for the upcoming holiday season.

This Fall Contest will be for local fans only. Sorry on-line community – Some things are local and some on-line. I try to bring wonderful things to you all, but this one is local (or for those who want to travel here with their friends. :) )

To Enter:

  1. Select your friends (up to 9 friends for a total of 10 including you).
  2. Select a Team Name
  3. Submit a picture or pictures of all your team members with one of you holding up a sign with your team name on it.
    You may take one picture with all of you in it. You may glue or Photoshop together a collage with all your pictures or just send individual pictures to me of each team member via email. info@TodaysAbundantLiving.com  ~ Have fun with this.
  4. Email the First & Last name of each team member so that I can keep track of who earns points and which team they are on.
  5. Select one person to be the Team Captain. This is the person I will correspond with if your team wins. Include the name and email address of your Team Captain in your email to me.
  6. Each team member will need to be a member of our Facebook community by “Liking” our Facebook page. 

Once I receive a picture or pictures of all your team members with someone holding up a sign with your team name on it, have everyone’s first and last names with the Team Captain indicated, and all team members have “Liked” our Facebook page you and your team are ready to participate in our fall contest.

How it works:

Every day, all month long, during the month of October I will post challenges on our Facebook page. Your team members may play our contest challenges and each time a member of your team wins one of our challenges, your team will receive a point. The team with the most points by midnight EST on October 31, 2015 will win the contest and the Dessert Tasting & Class.

NOTE: Only six winners will be allowed per challenge unless otherwise indicated on the specific challenge. If there are already 6 winners you may still answer the challenge but your team will not receive a point.

Learn more about Tea With Friends

Photos and names will be used on Facebook and at our Website (all photos will become the property of Today’s Abundant Living)



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