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We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Our bodies are miraculous to say the least. The more I learn about the workings of the human body, the more I am astounded.

Our bodies are all unique; yet, at the same time, they are all similar in many ways as well. We have our own personal DNA that is unique to us. There are no two human beings that are just alike. That all by itself is amazing. Yet as different as we are, we are all very similar as well.



Foundational Wellness addresses these similarities. All human bodies have some very basic needs in order to be in a state of wellness.

    • Each body needs the components for excellent cell reproduction. We need the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals coming into our bodies.
    • We need the ability to absorb these nutrients and put them to work properly.
    • And we need to be able to eliminate waste properly.

The adage “We are what we eat” is true, but it is only half the truth. We are also what we can absorb and put to use and we are what we cannot eliminate.

construction guyThink of the body as a factory where we are building outstanding products. Let’s just say that we are building homes in our factory, because in truth our body is the “home” we live in. If we have excellent wood to build with and excellent nails and excellent flooring and excellent roofing and excellent insulation and so forth, we should in fact have an excellent house when we are finished – right?

So to for our bodies, we need excellent material to work with. We need excellent food, and excellent hydration, excellent air and water, excellent “building” materials – right?

Yes, this is true! Indeed we need excellent “building materials” for our body.

Yet we also need to be able to access and use these materials.

Say, that in our factory we have all this excellent wood but it is stored way up high on a shelf where we cannot reach it so we therefore cannot use it. Will we then have an excellent house? No.

This is true with our food and drink and even nutritional supplementation. If our bodies cannot access this nutrition it is as if it were not there at all and it does not lead to excellent cell reproduction. So, one of the first things we want to address in Foundational Wellness is the consumption of excellent materials. We want to feed our bodies with excellent food and water and air and nutritional supplements. But we also need to be certain that our bodies have the ability to use these excellent resources. Therefore, the second focus of Foundational Wellness is to make certain that the gut/digestive system is functioning well and can do an excellent job of utilizing the excellent materials we are giving to our bodies.

bodyThis is achieved by building and maintaining a healthy gut and digestive system. A healthy gut can be developed by making sure you have plenty of high quality digestive enzymes on board and plenty of healthy flora in the gut (probiotic). A healthy gut is maintained by consuming “materials” that promote a healthy gut and do not diminish the health of this very important system of the body, your digestive system.

If you are participating in Today’s Complete Wellness System, Conscious Eating or any of our other classes or programs you will be learning all about how to build and maintain a healthy gut. But for now there are two products you will want to begin becoming familiar with. First is a high quality probiotic the second is a high quality digestive enzyme. You can learn more about these products as well as purchase them by visiting the “SHOP” section of Today’s Abundant Living. Look for my Foundational Wellness recommendations by accessing the “FOUNDATIONAL WELLNESS” tab on the right side of the page.  Each product has a description underneath the picture describing its importance, why I recommend it, and how to use it. To truly achieve a solid foundation of wellness, you will want to take time to explore all of my Foundational Wellness recommendations, but for now we are examining the components of a healthy gut.

The third focus of Foundational Wellness is elimination. Elimination is vitally important to a healthy functioning body. Everyday all day long your body is doing the work of building new cells all throughout your body. All the while old cells are dying off and need to be removed from the body. Additionally we are exposed to viruses, bacteria, pollutants and toxins that our bodies are constantly working to destroy and eliminate. This waste must be eliminated from the body in order for the body to remain in a state of balance and wellness.

trash guyImagine, if you will, our factory again. Suppose we are building many beautiful, high quality homes in our factory. But as we build we create waste – saw dust that is left behind, and packaging from materials we have used, old scraps of left over bricks and tiles and drywall just laying around all over the place. How long do you think it would be before production was affected, slowed or even eventually stopped if we never took out the trash, if we never removed the waste? This is also true of our body. In order for the amazing “factories” in our body to keep working the trash must be taken out. This happens through elimination which is done primarily by the colon, liver, kidneys, skin (perspiration), and lungs (respiration).  Keeping elimination at peak performance is also essential to Foundational Wellness.


Foundational Wellness comes before all other wellness because none of the systems in your body are going to function well unless these three components of Foundational Wellness are in place.


No matter what other areas of your health need focus, Foundational Wellness will always need to be at the core of any wellness plan.

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