Friday Hodge Podge

I have a few odds and ends I would like to share with you today in no particular order.

~ We tried a new apple this week – at least it was new to us. Autumn Glory. It was delightful, crisp and sweet.

~ I had a friend ask me to recommend some good Vegetarian Cookbooks and I looked up two of my favorites on Amazon and they are going at a super inexpensive price. Thought I would pass this info on to you.
VEGETARIAN The Best-Ever Recipe Collection

The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook

~ Got some great buys at Costco. They are getting more and more organics all the time and their prices are good. This week we got a great price on organic chia seeds, organic raisins and organic quinoa. And, of course their prices on frozen fruit are always terrific.

~ Made a wonderful new breakfast that we will be enjoying tomorrow. Watch for the recipe.

~ I have been having difficulty finding Turmeric supplements that I am happy to recommend. Every time I find one they change the formulation. Isolating the Curcumin is the trend these days and I don’t like it. But everyone seems to be switching over to it. I just found, AGAIN, a Turmeric supplement I like. Let’s hope they keep this formulation.
Full Spectrum Turmeric & Black Pepper 60 Veg Caps

~ I attached my Goodreads account to the website so you can follow along with what I am reading and get my book reviews. It is available at the “Smart Tools” section of the website. This is a great area of my site to find good books and other materials to support your wellness plan.

Follow this link: Smart Tools.

To find Smart Tools any other time you can hover over the “Learn” tab and then click “Smart Tools”.

By the way – the fluffy white dog wearing the reading glasses on the Smart Tools page is our little Bear. :)

~ And finally watch for the upcoming video I will be posting from today. It will show you a quick and easy raw soup recipe and fill you in on what I am serving for guests this evening.

Have a fabutastic weekend.

Be Blessed & Be Well,


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