Making Frozen Fruit “Ice Cream” With Holly


Printable material from the Frozen Fruit “Ice Cream” demonstration

Frozen Fruit “Ice Cream”

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When we first started making frozen fruit “ice cream” we purchased a used Champion juicer from Craig’s list. It worked great to make our yummy frozen treat. However, we also juice wheatgrass. We were using a manual juicer for our wheatgrass and wanted to move to an electric style juicer. We tried the Champion for our wheatgrass and were not happy with the results. After much research we chose the Solostar II. It is the only single augur juicer we know of that does a terrific job of juicing wheatgrass as well as making our frozen fruit “ice cream”. In addition, you can also make pasta as well as mill with the Solostar II. It is simple to clean and had a great track record in our family’s smoothie bar out east. The Champion and the Solostar II are similarly priced. If you are purchasing new we recommend the Solostar II. However, the Champion has been around longer than the Solostar II and therefor a Champion is easier to find used. So if you are looking for a used unit and only want to juice or make frozen fruit “ice cream”, you may want to consider a Champion.

Tribest SS-9002 Solo Star-II Single-Auger Juice Extractor

Champion Juicer White 1/Unit


Photos by: Terri Jones Photography 


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