Healthy Happy Valentine’s Day to You!!

Here’s a great Heart Healthy Tip……..

Turmeric has received a lot of press lately as a fabulous anti-inflammatory, and it is. But did you know that it has a host of other benefits.

How about this benefit for your heart? Researchers from the University of Tsukuba in Japan suggest that turmeric may be as beneficial for your heart as aerobic exercise!

Lately many companies are isolating the Curcumin in their turmeric supplements. I prefer the supplements where the turmeric is left intact. We have isolated properties in many things in the past only to find out that they were better in the original form they were created. When will we learn?

Here is a turmeric supplement I like. It also has black pepper added which helps with absorption.

Full Spectrum Turmeric & Black Pepper 60 Veg Caps

Happy Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day to You!!!



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  • Susan

    Thanks for always sharing this wealth of information, holly. I sure appreciate it! Susan😊

  • Holly Smith

    You are more than welcome :)

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