Resources from the Homestead Open House and Skills Workshop

Hosted by: Today’s Abundant Living 

Saturday September 29, 2012

part of the International Homesteading Education Month presented by Mother Earth News


Resource Information by Demonstration:

Open the links below to view printable material and recommended products from each of the following demonstrations:

Composting with Jim

Healthy Frozen Fruit “Ice Cream” with Holly

VermiComposting with Jim and Holly

Dehydrating Foods with Holly

Green House Self-Guided Tour


Jim Smith of Today’s Abundant Living presenting: Composting and Vermi Composting

Holly Smith of Today’s Abundant Living presenting: Dehydrating Foods, Frozen Fruit “Ice Cream”, and Vermi Composting

Sherry Ecker of Ramble N Shetland Sheep Farm presenting: Spinning, Bee Pollen Collection, and displaying two of her sheep

Dave Awe with his goats Stubby and Shorty


Terri Jones from Terri Jones Photography

Music by: Susan and Mark

Prizes donated by:

Ramble and Shetland Sheep Farm

Nature’s Boundaries

Terri Jones Photography

Hair Styles by Susan (586) 242-0514

Family Carpet Cleaning – toxic free carpet cleaning services (248) 416-7333

Mitch will fix IT – computer service (207) 400-9805

Rob’s Auto Detailing – (207) 523-0180

Angie’s Massage (586) 405-9129

Today’s Abundant Living


Other Resources that we like:


Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long

Love, love, love this book. Jim gave this book to me for Christmas this past year and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It is basically everything you need to know to get started growing organic vegetables from your home garden all year long, and it’s all neatly in one book. I like that!


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