How Do You Communicate?

How Do You Communicate


soft and sweetA – Soft and sweet. Ease into the subject

This style of communication can make you very easy to talk to. You create a comfortable environment for others to share. People easily open up with you. Be careful, however, as sometimes you may feel misunderstood because you are sometimes vague with describing your own thoughts and feelings. Continue to be soft and sweet but make sure you are also clear and direct and you will find that you enjoy wonderful communication and relationships with a variety of people.





B – Humble with your best foot forwardHumble with your best foot forward

You are a compassionate and empathetic listener. You truly care about others. You tend to be level headed and others seek out your advice. You offer balanced and solid direction. Be careful, however, as you can be overwhelmed by the needs of others. Make sure to draw back, prioritize your relationships and find time for personal renewal. When you are purposeful about balance in your life you will enjoy many deep and rewarding relationships.




Straight forwardC – Straight Forward

People know where they stand with you. They know they can count on you for the truth. You are the person that others will seek out quietly when they need to walk through especially difficult decisions or situations.  You tend to weigh out both sides of a situation and therefore make a great mediator.  Be careful, however, this style of communication can bless others as long as it is tempered in love. If not your straight forward style can come across as abrupt. Make sure to take your time in conversation, listen, then respond and you will enjoy many deep conversations that lead to close connected relationships.




D – Persuasivepersuasive

You are the life of the party. Everyone enjoys chatting it up with you. When it comes to serious conversation you are great at seeing the details and how they all fit together. You are a quick thinker. You think outside the box and are skillful at finding creative solutions that others often overlook. Because of your quick thinking and creative style, you also make a good mediator. Be careful, however, as you can sometimes find yourself caught up in the trap of trying to make others see things your way without considering how they may think or feel about a given situation. When you seek to truly listen to others you are a responsive listener and a creative and fun confidant. You will enjoy fun, connected relationships with a large variety of people.


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This quiz and information is just for fun. It is not meant as a psychological evaluation.

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