How We Built This Business

Turning a passion into a business

 so we would never have to W-O-R-K another day in our life.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

― Confucius

 This is exactly what we have been blessed to do. It’s not that we don’t work at it, we certainly do. The difference is that we love what we do so it isn’t like work. Helping, teaching and coaching people to be well is a passion of ours and something we do because we love doing it. We have been blessed to be able to create a business out of our passion. This originally started more as a hobby, however, by making it a business rather than a hobby, we are able to spend more time devoted to it and therefore reach more people.

Jim and I both have a passion for people and a desire to come along side and be part of the solution. We both find fulfillment in reaching out to another and helping them to reach a new place of joy, wellness and empowerment in their life.

Jim tends to be hands on and ears open. He likes to roll his sleeves up and pitch in to give a hand. He is also a gifted listener and encourager. He genuinely cares about people.

I have a passion and empathy for people. I am an avid researcher and I love to impart new knowledge that leads to a person stepping into a fuller, richer place. We both believe that people are created to live in abundance, with purpose and we enjoy the privilege of being able to walk with another into that deeper place of fulfillment.


This business was birthed from the trials we walked through after my breast cancer diagnoses in 2007. We had no idea at the time that from the ashes of illness would rise a passion that would become a lifestyle and business for us.

Thankfully the cancer was caught early; however it was aggressive and what we thought would be 6 months or so turned into a 4 ½ year journey through treatments, sickness and then back to wellness. The blessing that came from that time was a return and fervent commitment to balance and wellness for both of us.


As part of that journey back to wellness, I attended the Creative Health Institute in Union City, Michigan where I was certified as a Practitioner in Health and Healing. When I arrived home and we started implementing what I had learned into our life, friends started asking me to teach them what we were doing, and I did. Next thing I knew I had strangers approaching me asking me about the classes I was teaching. I didn’t really know I was teaching classes, but I guess I was. I thought I was just showing friends healthy ways of living. I began scheduling classes, and people started to come. I also began coaching people one-on-one. Originally I was just doing the classes and coaching for free. However, because of the cost and time involved, I began charging. And a business grew. We are still able to offer lots of wonderful free information on our website and by email to those who sign up to “Stay In The Know” . Yet at the same time we are able to devote much more time and effort to helping people get well by making this an actual business rather than just a hobby.


Soon we needed a more effective way to communicate with the growing group of people that were now attending our classes and events. I opened up a small share site, but it was quite limited in what it could do. Jim searched and found a program that offered a series of tutorials on how to build a website. I was the least tech-savvy person that ever existed, but I started watching the step-by-step tutorials and I began to build a website. I was actually astonished that I could do it. But I did. I also began using Facebook as a means of communication. Between the new website and Facebook, our T.A.L. community grew beyond just a local following. We had people interested in our classes and coaching that lived too far away to attend a local class or coaching session. So I started coaching people over the phone and through email and Facebook.

We currently offer The Complete Wellness System coaching program on-line where I provide coaching via Skype. Hangouts or phone. I am also working to make on-line versions of the many classes that I currently teach locally.  At this time I am working to bring you an on-line version of our core class – Conscious Eating.

We are very excited about this business. It is blessing us and we hope to bless many through it.

Every one of us has a passion that really makes us tick, don’t we? Do you know what yours is?


We hope many of you will take the wonderful journey of turning a passion into a business so that you will never have to W-O-R-K another day in your life.

Be Blessed, Be Well

Live Vibrantly

And Take hold of your Abundant Life!

Your friend in wellness,


You may contact me by email at

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