January Jump Start – Week #4

Tracking Your Progress

In week #1 of January Jump Start, we began by developing 3 core Wellness Goals and creating action steps to support them.

In week #2, of January Jump Start we began to carve out the time to put these action steps in motion.

In week #3 of January Jump Start we started using the Steps to Wellness tracker to begin implementing our new lifestyle habits.

This week, in week #4, we will begin using a Wellness Journal.


Okay, stop groaning!!!! A Wellness Journal is a huge part of being successful. Relax and enjoy your Wellness Journal.

Remember wellness is a lifetime journey that involves LEARNING.

Learning  –  Implementing  –  Making Changes  –  Adjusting  –  and learning some more…….

If we could simply set a goal and the change we desire would immediately just be there it would be fabulous. But it just doesn’t work that way. It involves learning new things then working to implement them. Some of what we implement will work and some will not. It is a constant process of learning – implementing and then Assessing & Adjusting.

This is where your Wellness Journal becomes an invaluable resource. It is a record of your progress which will include what works and what does not. As you look back through your Wellness Journal you will begin to see patterns developing. These will be clues for you to keep going in a given direction or to adjust.

Just trust me on this one. Do it for 3 months and then look back through your Wellness Journal and see if you don’t agree that it is absolutely essential if you want to continually make progress in your Wellness Journey.


Learn   ~   Create New Habits   ~   Assess and Adjust   ~   Learn

Your Wellness Journal will be your key to achieving these steps!

You will also want to print a copy of Wellness Journal How To which will give you some general guidelines to follow as you use your Wellness Journal.



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