Morning Harvest


This morning my stroll to the garden reaped more tomatoes. I can hardly believe all the tomatoes we are getting this year and still coming as late as September 24th. And banana peppers – lots of banana peppers. And look how many are still out there. This pic is after harvesting all the peppers in the bowl:


I also harvested some basil, mint and oregano to dry and enjoy this winter. There is plenty of all three still in the garden to enjoy.

20150924_100228And look at the baby watermelon that is still growing. I am loving this late warm weather and apparently so is the garden.

What are you harvesting in your garden these days?

Did you get lots of tomatoes this year like we did?


We are so enjoying all the tomatoes. Here is some of our Tomato Yumminess:

IMG_1189Fried Green Tomatoes atop sauteed onions




IMG_1194Tomato salad, made with bell peppers, banana peppers, onions and basil from our garden, served on top of quinoa patties




IMG_1317Gazpacho – I had planned to can some Gazpacho but we ate it all up. Actually I am eating the last of it right now.




IMG_1311More Fried Green Tomatoes and Sliced Tomatoes (good thing we like tomatoes)




IMG_1316Canned Tomatoes to enjoy this winter




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