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You Will Need:

 Heatproof Containers – I use glass bread pans and measuring cups

 A drying rack of some sort – I use metal drying racks that you would cool cookies on

 Paper Towels


 Fine Mesh Strainer

 Hard Cooked Eggs



1 Tablespoon White Vinegar per color

1 ½ Cups Boiling Water per color

Natural Dying Agent for each color – see Natural Dye Chart


Natural Dye Chart

large egg dye chart


Wash eggs in vinegar to remove dirt or grease from shells.

Combine the recipe ingredients with the proper dying agent in a heatproof container and let stand at least one hour until cooled to room temperature. Strain through mesh strainer reserving the liquid only. Place eggs in dye and let sit until desired color is achieved. Use spoon to remove eggs from dye. Gently pat dry (Do Not rub eggs as dye will come off while the eggs are still wet). Place on drying rack until completely dry. If dying overnight place eggs in dye in the refrigerator.

NOTE: Eggs pictured are brown eggs. We generally have brown eggs in our home and I think the natural muted colors are pretty. However, if you would like brighter colors use white eggs.  

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