Cleansing & Detoxing – Part 2


Abundant LivingCleansing and Detoxing is a lot like painting your house. Well not really except in that the prep is as important, or more important, than the project (or the cleanse) itself. Ideally you are eating well most of the time which means you are always ready to jump into a nice detoxifying cleanse. If this describes you then you are pretty much ready to go. Make certain your daily water intake is good. Read Water – Keeps The Fat Away! You may want to make certain you are on a good digestive enzyme and probiotic. A nice addition for you would be to make a commitment of learning and/or a commitment of balance and relaxation before, during and after your cleanse. Remember wellness is a journey of small steps. I am suggesting that you commit to one small step that stretches you a bit more as you are progressing forward in your life journey of wellness.

Let’s say, however, you are not eating as well as you could be and you want to do a detoxifying cleanse to clean things up a bit and get back on track. Or maybe you have never really made a commitment to wellness, but now is the time. You would like to get on track with a healthy lifestyle and you would like to jump start your healthy eating plan with a good cleanse, well then you will want to do a bit of prep work to get your body ready.

I personally believe in being kind and gentle with your body which means you do not make a lot of dramatic changes too fast. First – it sets you up for failure because habits generally change over time with continued smaller successes. And Second – because dramatic changes can be hard on your body. The only time I feel that dramatic changes are the way to go is if you are very sick and need a fast dramatic intervention for your health. Then I believe it is best to jump all in as fast as you can.*

*You should always consult your doctor if you are planning to make any kind of health changes and especially if you are working to turn around a serious illness.
Rock ClimbingTo prepare well for your cleanse you should start removing some of the Big Boulders (really toxic) things from your life and diet now. Let me say, however, there are some things that are very difficult to rid your life and body of that are often best done gradually. These include, but are not limited to, street drugs and some RX drugs (especially if an addiction is involved), tobacco and caffeine.  These items can be so difficult to kick and cause some pretty nasty side effects during the process that I would suggest going ahead with your cleanse without eliminating these completely just yet. You will want to do a modified cleanse that is not too deep for right now.

Let me explain. Cleansing your body is much like cleaning your home or garage. Ideally a deep spring cleaning is best where everything is left perfectly clean when finished. However, let’s say that life has gotten away from you and your home (or garage) is a disaster. You need to dig in, clean up and get things under control. However, it may not be practical to do it all at once. You may need to do a good overall clean-up of the entire house and then come back around and really scrub some of those corners and tackle those bigger projects. That doesn’t mean leave them untended to. I would certainly begin the process of eliminating these very toxic items from your diet and life, but I would not let it stop me from beginning. I would just get on with cleansing while more gradually ridding your life of these very toxic lifestyle habits. *Again, I tell you, the only time I would say jump in and struggle through and get rid of those big toxins all at once would be if you are seriously ill and need to clean up fast. Otherwise I suggest doing a good overall cleanse, get your body operating better, and then tackle them. For now I will move on with cleansing with the understanding that you will not be eliminating these all at once but rather gradually and yet still moving forward with a modified cleanse.

produceYou may be dealing with a less than stellar diet that consists of refined foods, refined sugar, refined flour, unnaturally raised and processed animal products, and lots of artificial foods and chemicals. You will ideally want to begin to clean that up a bit before starting your cleanse. This is fairly simple. Move as close as you can to whole, real foods the way they were originally created. If you are new to this and you do not know everything there is to know about whole foods, non-GMOs, organic foods and the like, if you are not yet a fabulously knowledgeable label ready, don’t sweat it. Just do your best for now. Hopefully this is not a one-time cleanse but rather part of a life journey of wellness. A good rule of thumb is shop the outside isle of your local grocery store. Purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seeds nuts and beans and stay away from boxed, canned and packaged foods. And of course add lots of fresh, clean water every day.  Then make a plan to learn more about healthful eating as you go.

How long will it take to prepare my body for a cleanse?

Not that long really. Our bodies are quite amazing and they begin the clean-up process the minute we give them what they need. You can actually jump right in without the prep. However, preparing helps us physically and mentally. Just don’t spend so much time preparing that you don’t get busy doing. But to answer the question, three days to a week is a nice amount of time to prepare before moving into your cleansing period. It gives your body a pre-cleaning period which makes the cleanse easier on you. It gives your bowels a chance to get moving well. And it gives you a chance to get your fridge cleaned out, your grocery shopping done and your mind prepared. It helps set you up for success.

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*You should always consult your doctor if you are planning to make any kind of health changes and especially if you are working to turn around a serious illness.


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