RAWvolution Book Review

This is one of my favorite recipe books for a variety of reasons. I love it because it is a great book for just about anyone. It has simple to make, healthy recipes that a beginner can make and enjoy. Yet even though the recipes are simple they are also tasty. RAWvolution has been a go-to recipe book of mine for many years. Even though I am skilled at preparing healthy and raw dishes, I still use many of the recipes from this book.

RawVolution is a “raw foods” recipe book.  You may notice I am not calling it a cook book because the foods are not cooked. They are PREPARED, but they are not cooked.

This recipe book contains some easy to make recipes, with relatively simple ingredients and few steps to creating them.

This is a great recipe book if…

  • You want to eat healthier and incorporate some healthy plant based recipes into your eating plan.
  • You are transitioning to a raw or vegetarian diet
  • You are eating fully raw and vegan and just want some simple recipes

See, the truth is…

No matter how you look at it, if you want to eat healthy and be healthy, you will need to incorporate more uncooked, plant based foods into your regular eating.

Because the recipes are yummy and simple, this book is great for someone who just plain likes good, healthy food, whether you have been eating raw and vegan for years or don’t even know what the whole raw/vegan concept is really all about.  For this reason I love this recipe book because I can recommend it to just about anyone that wants to be healthier and enjoys simple, tasty food.

NOTE: My copy is so used that it is coming apart at the binding.

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