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If you are viewing this page it is likely that you have already attended a Tea With Friends Dessert Tasting & Class. If you have attended I hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. Below you will find a list of recipes that were demonstrated during your class as well as a list of appliances and tools that were used in class. Each recipe also contains links to help you find necessary ingredients. If there is something missing here or you have a question please feel free to email me at: info@TodaysAbundantLiving.com

If you have not attended a Tea With Friends Dessert Tasting & Class you may be wondering what it is all about. Tea With Friends is a fun class where you will be pampered as you relax, sip a variety of tea and enjoy a dessert tasting that features healthy and delicious desserts all while I demonstrate for you how to prepare wonderful, healthy treats to serve to your family and friends.

On this Tea With Friends Resource Page you will find links to the Tea With Friends recipes as well as resources for ingredients, tools and tips shared during the class.


NOTE: Below is a list of the chocolate sauce I used for each recipe you tasted at Tea With Friends:

  • Chocolate Bark on the left – Chocolate Sauce #1
  • Chocolate Bark on the right – Chocolate Sauce #3
  • Peanut Butter Cup – Chocolate Sauce #1
  • Coconut Almond Cup – Chocolate Sauce #3
  • Chocolate Dipped Bananas – Chocolate Sauce #2 (All Stevia sweetened)

Red Rooibos tea was served. I order most of my teas including Red Rooibos from Mountain Rose Herbs. It is my favorite place for teas, herbs, spices and vanilla beans.
Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

almondsAlmonds – This is where I order my almonds from. 100% all natural almonds, raw & unpasteurized.






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