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What do you think of this game as a fun way to teach children (and adults) about Farmer’s Markets, being interdependent, and about finances and decision making?

We are customers visiting the Farmers Market. Some days we buy things and some days we just look. Sometimes we return stuff, too. It’s up to us to decide what to buy or just look at. Each vendor must sell enough to be able to come back another day. If they don’t make some money or even lose money, they will leave. So the object is to watch out for everyone’s welfare. To do this well, we must discuss, plan, & problem-solve together so that everyone will enjoy some success. Lots of decision making for each player!

The basic game plays quickly, with an advanced game for older players. Includes: 12 booths, 50 tokens of looking, buying and returning.

Family Pastimes The Farmers Market – A Co-operative Game

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