Hi, Well here I am about to begin my 2010 journey to vibrant and abundant health. Would you like to come along?

Here’s my story:

Jim and I on our honeymoon, Aug. 2002

Our honeymoon, Aug. 2002

I was a vegetarian for years. Well, I ate fish, but no other meats and very little processed foods. When I met and married my husband, Jim, in 2002 he was very excited that he was going to learn to eat healthy. Unfortunately things went the other way.

My eating habits became progressively worse. I gained a lot of weight and became increasingly tired and less vibrant.

In August of 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Our Anniversary, Aug 2007: Right after my breast cancer diagnoses

Our Anniversary, Aug 2007: Right after my breast cancer diagnoses

That was a wake up call.   I immediately changed my eating habits. I eliminated refined sugars and refined flour. And I quit eating anything that would have hormones or antibiotics in it.  Once I met with my oncologist, in addition to the sugar, flour, and hormones, she also advised me to eliminate all processed soy, such as soy isolate. I started loosing weight. My skin cleared up. My energy began returning (except during chemo).

How odd that it took cancer to get me moving back to a state of wellness!

I had several surgeries and went through treatments. During this time, my sister, Lauri, and I began preparing more and more raw and living foods.

In August 2008, Lauri and I stayed at the Creative Health Institute and participated in their training which teaches and practices the Living Foods program established by Dr. Ann Wigmore. We both became Certified Practitioners in Health and Healing through the Institute. I came home and dove in. I made big changes. Friends started asking me to help them learn to establish these healthy life habits. I started a small group and a little sharesite. I was regaining my strength and feeling better and better.

October 2008...feelin' great!!

October 2008...feeling great!!

In February 2008 I went back into the hospital for a second mastectomy. This surgery was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. It knocked me down hard. I was weak and sick for months. My reconstructive surgery that was suppose to take place in April was postponed until I was stronger. Finally by July I started to turn around a little. By August I was doing better and on September 3, 2009 I had my reconstructive surgery.

During the time I was sick my eating habits declined horribly; I gained all the weight back that I had lost. My body became weak. My muscles became weak. My bone density deteriorated.

So here I am, December 31, 2009 and I am looking forward to my 2010 return to vibrant and abundant health! For several reasons I have decided to blog my journey. My husband, Jim says this is the ultimate in accountability. I would agree. Plus, I have had a lot of people ask me to share the things I have learned. I decided to upgrade from my little sharesite and do a full out website/blog where I can share with more people in the hopes that others will take a journey with me to vibrant and abundant heath this year in 2010. Let’s do it!!

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